Wall Mount Occupancy Vacancy Sensor, White 600 Watts

Wall Mount Occupancy Vacancy Sensor, White 600 Watts

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Product Overview

The Eaton OS306U-W Passive Infrared Wall Mount Occupancy Vacancy Sensor provides a convenient energy saving lighting control alternative for 120-Volt applications. This sensor replaces a standard light or fan switch and is easily installed in any standard wall box to control most lighting loads. The high-gloss finish complements any decor and the device is compatible with decorator-style wall plates and designer screwless wall plates. This device can control many different types of lighting: incandescent, halogen, magnetic low-voltage, electronic low-voltage, fluorescent, compact fluorescent and LED. While installing this device, no neutral is required. This switch can be wired as a single pole or 3-way device for added flexibility. For added functionality, this switch has electrostatic discharge protection and has no leakage to load in off mode. Eaton is dedicated to providing up-to-date wiring device solutions that increase energy efficiency, increase productivity, promote safety and produce reliable performance. Eaton has been a trusted name in electrical products for over 175-years.

Features & Description:

Sensors in the device provide coverage for up to 450 sq. ft. and a 180 field of view
When the device senses motion it will turn lights on
When the room is empty it will turn lights off
Select-able time delay can be set to wait between 5 seconds and 30 minutes to turn off lights
Light level sensing capability to further enhance the energy savings

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