Niagara 1.5 gpm Dual Spray Kitchen Aerator W/Flip Lever N3115VP-FC

Niagara 1.5 gpm Dual Spray Kitchen Aerator W/Flip Lever N3115VP-FC

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Product Overview

The dual-spray faucet aerator consumes only 1.5 gallons of water per minute to maximize on both water and energy savings at the kitchen tap. It has the same technology as the Earth Showerheads, allowing the aerator to use less water without sacrificing water pressure. This kitchen aerator also features swivel and a pause valve. When activated, the pause valve reduces the water flow to 0.5 gallons of water per minute. It is dual threaded for installation on both male (15/16 x 27) and female (55/64 x 27) applications.

Features & Description:

Swivel spray aerator with pause valve
Powerful 1.5 GPM flow, controlled by proprietary flow compensator
Great for washing dishes
Pause action reduces flow to a trickle while keeping temperature consistent
Control from soft spray to solid stream
10-year manufacturer’s guarantee
Up-and-down action to change spray settings
Rubberized grip for easy adjustment
Internal design prevents clogging
Saves 30% more water and energy then a standard 2.2 GPM aerator - that’s 7,665 gallons of water annually!
Dual threads make for easy installation
Meets or exceeds ASME standards
C.S.A. certified
Dual Standard Thread

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